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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 5, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. >> that breaking news right now. man hunt under way in new york city after 2 officers were shot. >> they were trying to pull over a robbery suspect in the bronx that person sped away. crashed that another vehicle. then got out and opened fire. >> witness heard 4 shots. 2 officers were hit. one in the arm the other in the back. the injuries are not considered life threatening. >> suspect ran off police recovered handgun and now searching for more evidence as
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we speak. new york police officers have been on high alert since 2 officers were killed in an ambush last month. >> stay with us for any breaking up dates and follow us on twitter at this web site. good evening thanks for joining us tonight. i'm am mail. i'm dan. other top stories here this evening. 7 news has new information tonight about a police shooting here that seems to support claims that the victim wanted to be killed by officers. that shooting happened last night but late today a letter emerged that suggest the shooting death was a suicide by cop. man had a pellet gun and he was shot in the parking lot of mission police station. vic lee is on the story. >>reporter: 32-year-old man died from his winds at san francisco general hospital shot 2 times by officers from this station. it was blue suicide. man left behind notes to his father close friends and one addressed to police officers.
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the notes indicate he had financial troubles and failed relationships. it happened at around 5:20 last night. police notice he was happening around the station restricted parking lot which is off limits to the public. 3 sergeants exited the patrol car asking him to leave. police chief greg sir explains what happened after that. >> went to approach him to tell him again you can't be here. he went to his waist band where there was a butt of gun and drew the weapon. 2 sergeant fired. suspect was hit three times. >> police discovered later that he was carrying an air soft gun. those who live and work around the police station were surprised and shocked when they heard what happened last night. >> so many if crazy people in san francisco that probably need more help than they are getting. >> really shocked to see in an area like this something like that would happen. >>reporter: there will be a town hall meeting tomorrow in
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the mission to address questions regarding the shooting. police chief sir will attend. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> richmond police ask for the public help finding 16-year-old girl possibly being held against her will. miss carson hasn't been seen since leaving her home on new year's day. investigators have information indicating the teen may be with a man who is revving to allow her to go home. carson has no history of being a runaway. anyone with information on her whereabouts should call richmond police. >> we are about to see a fifth straight day of bad air around here. we could see more. >> no wood burning for at least another day. sandhya is here to explain why we are seeing so much dirty air sand why. >> yes. it's the area of high pressure i'll explain it in a moment. rate now live doppler 7 hd high cloud passing through 7 hd high cloud passing through. we have the very stagnant air mass as strong ridge of high pressure dominates air sinks underneath
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an area of high pressure and that creates the stagnant air. you combine it with some very light winds. very calm. and so you can't really clean out the atmosphere. as a matter of fact you look from our east bay hills camera sky clear but it's suffering. this goes up again tomorrow. poorest air quality in the santa clara valley. moderate air quality elsewhere. i'll be back to let you know when you might see improvement in the air quality and how warm it is really going to get. we flirt with some records just ahead. >> thank you so much sandhya. >> stock continue to slide around the world tonight with japan market off 2% tonight. another drop in the price of crude oil helped set up a we have of selling. dow jones industrial average fell more than 300 points to 17 501. all because oil prices have fallen to 50 dollars a barrel for the first time in more than 5 years first time in more than 5 years. shares of chevron fell
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4 and a half dollars almost 20ers in 6 months. sergio has more on why your retirement account may depend on an upturn in oil. >> driver of this orange charger had one of the biggest smiles on his face when he was pumping gas. >> i love the prices right now. prices for gas rate now is extraordinary. >> for 2.35 a gallon at this arco in richmond he has reason to be smiling. but down the way at the she have respect refinery there may be a little uncertainty. plummeting oil price push down the company stock by 4 percent to cholesterol at 108 dollars. still better than 5 years ago when the stock was trading under 80 dollars but that's also the last time oil was selling at the 50 dollar a barrel mark what it is today. >> chevron is doing well. they are a company that has refinding x's ty in california. california has particular blend of gasoline that they use blend of gasoline that they use. >> dan is a professor at uc berkeley and former obama white
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house advisor. he's wait to go see if the low prices will push chevron away from investment and alternative energy. >> do they make a smart pitch to build new energy competent or try to maximize profit on short-term now. >> would i vote for the long-term but we'll see. >> now it seems no job are affected at chevron san ramone headquarters or rich mopped refinery employing over 1200 workers. chef financial officer commented on falling prices recently. i would like to close with kim of talk about chevron position and outlook given recent commodity praise decline. our priority haven't changed. for consumer this is the big question. how long do you think it will last? >> i wouldn't say too long. i just i don't know i feel like someone is lookings money somewhere and it will change. once comfortable it will change. >> they have seen the price flux asian before. sergio, abc 7 news. >> triple a estimates that low
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oil price saved americans 14 billion dollars last year. >> in sacramento today governor brown set ambitious new goals for cam. he wants half electric electricity we use to come from renubble sources he wants to cut the use of oil base fuels in cars in half. and he wants to double the energy efficiency of california buildings. brown/6ñ and republican earl warren the only california governor to serve 3 terms in office. brown was sworn in for unprecedented fourth term. we have a picture from when he was sworn in for the first time. that was in 1975 slide on to the screen here in a moment. there it is. 40 years ago tomorrow that was 40 years ago tomorrow that was. laura was in sacramento today when history was made. >> task ahead are dawngt. >> unprecedented fourth term but it appears california governor jerry brown has no plans to slow down. >> the challenge is to build for the future not steal from
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it. to live within our means and to keep california ever golden and create. >> 4 bears have shown and as our descendents would expect. >>reporter: 74-year-old brown dedicated good portion of his address to education. including greater funding for k through 12 and lessening the burden on those seeking higher education. >> i'll not make the students at california the default finance of college and universities. >>reporter: brown made no mention of controversial plan to build water tunnel in the delta. briefly mentioned high speed rail and im proving california over all infrastructure and he vowed to continue to fight to preserve the environment create more renubble energy and less pollution. >> we are needlessly turning the gold. we have inherit from our forbearers into straw. >> law makers applaud the governor speech. republicans later took he shall with several key points.
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>> we already have electricity rates that are 50% higher than our neighboring statements at what point does being on the leading edge of environmental reform impact our ability to create jobs for middle class. >>reporter: one area both sides can agree on the pension reform including proposal for state employee quote pre-fund their own retirement. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> we have much more ahead on this monday night coming the truth about electronic cigarettes. they are not as safe as you might think. bay area city launches campaign to clear the air. >> also the new luxury scratch >> also the new luxury scratcher for people who want to take the a chance on 18 course meal. >> and the winter haze settling in. 7 news meteorologist sandhya has t hey! guess what day it is??
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>> movie shaft oakland 50th mayor today the former council member was welcome by constituent and other elected officials as well as protestors outside the paramount theatre in oakland. lee ann has more now on how mayor shaft plans to turn things around in a city facing serious problems. >> more than 100 demonstrators gather outside the paramount theater of the arts as oakland new mayor officially took office. >>reporter: group demanded yet again an end to police brutality. >> we are here to ask her which side are you on. >>reporter: she said today she
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embraces these kind of demonstrations but will not tolerate the acts of vandalism oakland has experienced. >> it's a new year and we have a new mayor and we want libby to be clear that we expect her to be an active part of ending the were on black people. >> i will continue to hold our police department feet to the fire to do more to prevent that type of damage. >>reporter: local businesses have been impacted by the violence and looting caused by a few protestors. shaft goal is to have a better working relationship with police. something former mayor kwan didn't have. >> please raise your right hand. >>reporter: this was one of the 3 council members sworn in today. he believes the city should do more to try to hire more officers. >> we have students coming out of community college high school direct pipeline to job for the city of oakland natural police department it changes the whole dynamic. >>reporter: during the first 30 days shaft will focus on a deal to keep the raiders from leaving oakland and of course
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the a's as well. >> i will not put public money into the deal but there are a lot of other things that we as a city and the county can do to keep our sports team develop incredible coliseum complex out in the coliseum area. i am very focus open that right now. >>reporter: for now the raid >>reporter: for now the raiders appear to stay for at least one year in oakland. while a deal is reached. >> office of mayor for the city of oakland. congratulations. >>reporter: in oakland abc 7 news. >> chuck reid the former mayor of san jose has landed new job. reid joining the real estate group of san jose hopkins and law firm. reid is 1978 graduate of stanford law school and managing partner of law practice before serving 2 terms as mayor. he has extensive experience in real staechlt land use and environmental law and successor sam has taken office but the swearing in is tomorrow. >> machine cussed of neglecting
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dozens of horse ins morgan hill serve 90 days in jail. roberto was sentence dad for felony animal abuse. 38 horse were his seized from him in november after complaints from neighbors about the conditions. several of those horse were his starve of those horse were his starving. his jail term will end this week because of time already served. his sentence however also includes 5 years probation. counseling. and he will not be allowed to care for any animal for 10 years. rescue group and residents have taken in the horses. those who ride muni and bart see new ad campaign launched by san francisco tobacco free project. they don't paringt regular cigarette they target increasing popular e-cigarette. carolyn has the story. >> according to the center for disease control 20 million americans have tried this at least wochbilitys inhaling ex hailing vip or from liquid nicotine through battery powered device. unlike
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traditional cigarette no tar. or carbon month knocks but the san francisco health department believes they are dangerous. >> it contains heavy metal like cigarette do contains cancer and contains nicotine. >> health department is posting hundreds of billboard like these on muni buses and bart trains. in an effort to educate the public. former smoker shaun anderson visiting tasty vapor in oakland says e-cig receipts help win her off the camel and they view this as harm reduction. >> cigarettes are toxic waste dump put tonight your body where this is like a little bit less of a toxic waste dump. for me i don't care. >>reporter: last year san francisco supervisors passed an ordinance regular letting e-cigarette like traditional sports. sponsor is concerned about the thus of teenagers
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ignored by the candy like flavors. >> of the company and big tobacco really trying to use this new frontier of vaporizes this new frontier of vaporizeser and e-cigarette to hook new generation and local government roll to protect the hub health. >> should be regulated but regulated fairly. >>reporter: the owner of tasty vapor is also a member of the smoke free alternative trade association. >> you can not peopleize the large number of adults who have been resigned to smoke been resigned to smoking. out of fear of a couple of kids picking this up. >>reporter: fda proposed regulations last year but they have not been finalize. care license tyler abc 7 news. >> california lottery has come up with unique new program and you don't even have to have the winning numbers all you have to do is take your picture holding the 10 dollar scratch off ticket called emerald 10 then send it in with clever
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description of what would you like to have dinner with and why. grand prize of 4000 dollar dinner dining experience at one of the world top restaurants the french laundry in napa valley. 2 night stay at the napa valley lodge. wish decided by a panel of judges and announced in time for valentine's day. go to our web site for a link for more information. >> get in on that. we want to get in on some warmer temperatures. >> and what's the deal. >> freezing at night right. i know. we are going to see the warmer weather here in the bay area. records next couple days. show you live doppler 7hd we have warm weather in january. hard to believe since it is winter we see few clouds passing through the bay area no. rain right now. you look at the temperatures i really want to point something out to you. half moon bay 63 degrees right now. down sloping northeast wind that is holding
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the number up. any wind shelter valley like santa rosa nap a-fairfield, really dropping down to the low 40's right now. some of our coldest locations here's a look from the sutro tower cam are looking to san francisco where it's clear sunny warm the next 2 days. record high are possible then a chance of spring elby the end of the week. i wish i could say more than sprinkle right now not looking likely. high pressure is a very strong ridge diverting the stormtrack well to the north up into canada so we continue to see stagnant conditions right on through thursday. you have to wait until friday once the ridge breaks down. we start to see some cleaner air moving in friday through the weekend. tomorrow morning some patchy fog around usual locations near the straits out to the delta first thing in the morning. sun out. those some of the cal sun out. those some of the caller spots for the afternoon. temperatures though warm down towards the santa clara valley and monterey bay where record high are possible for your tuesday afternoon. by wednesday afternoon bay area
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could see some record high pressure as well. tomorrow morning the chill in the air in the wind shelter valley. mid 30's santa rosa a napa fairfield pretty code. inland east bay valley not at cold as what we have seen. 40's around the bay and near the coast. watch out for the fog especially if you commute in or out towards fairfield. top afternoon gilroy expected to break the previous record of 70 degrees coming in at 72 so pretty mild day 70 at morgan hill. 68 santa clare. 69 san jose look at santa cruz. beach weather. 74 degrees. on the peninsula upper 60's palo alto mountain view redwood city 67 half moon bay. downtown san francisco sunset district all in the mid 60's and very please daint in the north bay. mid 60's around santa rosa, sonoma east bay xunt, 66 in oakland, east bay xunt, 66 in oakland 67 union stishtion inland spot in the low mid 60's you start out with a little bit of fog right around fairfield and
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afternoon sunshine. 64 pleasanton livermore accu-weather 7 day forecast it is a spare the air day for your tuesday unfortunately the air quality will tip to suffer on wednesday cities right around the bay and possibly some records. we'll talk about winter warmth there. temperatures start to fall on thursday. slight chance of few sprinkle between friday and saturday. not really lacking like much more than sprinkle sunday monday temperatures back down to average for this time of year. until then it's sun screen and the this. >> we need to get back. >> we need to. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. no cable requires seismic shift that sets new precedent in tv viewing. >> anonymous tipper who is feeling quite generous after dining ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are
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>> dish partner up with sling box to launch a new streaming service. >> it is called sling tv and includes 10 channel. biggest channel that package is espn. >> people able to see all the live sports programming aired by the network without having to sign up for traditional cable subscription. 20 dollars a month and you need to pay for internet connection. insider say the deal could lead to revolution in the way we watch television. >> another one right. >> yes. anonymous donor behind tip for jesus hit san francisco again. >> a large tip at the taco store friday night. tipped 2000 dollars. restaurant says the person who left the tip comes in all the time and is amazing to the staff. the taco store says the big tip shared with everyone with works there. >> isn't that nice. >> very much prech appreciated.
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>> when we come back a son under arrest. did he murder his hedge fund father and stage the scene to cover his track. >> also 2 young american both olympic hopeful caught in avalanche. what they were doing when the sne started to slide. >> and claiming a sheer wall with just the hand and feet. bay area man and his friend who are on the face of el captain tonight. >> stay here another half hour for over0,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room.
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i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> we begin the half hour with murder mystery unfolding in new york tonight. >> wealthy wealth fund manager and now his son is charged with murder. >> lindsay is on the story. >> power house in the world of finance thomas gilbert senior managed millions of dollars. but police claim it was dispute over his 30-year-old sons
9:30 pm
allowance that may have led to his demise. police say the 70-year-old investor was killed by a single shot to the head. that his son thomas gilbert junior pulled the trigger. police were called to the manhattan apartment sunday afternoon after the victim wife called 911. telling responding officers she left the apartment to get a sandwich for her son. >> she had a bad feeling. and decided to return. she found senior on the floor with the bullet hole in his head. police say the son left the murder weapon next to the buddy. staged suicide. they say they later found him barricaded here inside his manhattan apartment. detectives say the father recently discuss in order longer paying his represent. planned to reduce his weekly allowance from 400 to 300 dollars a week. his son princeton graduate regarded as socialite with previous run in with the law including violating order of protection and other on drug charges. door man here gilbert junior
9:31 pm
hid his face as he left the building on sunday and later allegedly refused to speck to detectives asking for an attorney. abc news new york. >> lights went out across germany monday night as form of silent protest against anti-islamic group. this is the famous ka that he had rall going dark thousands office people demonstrate across germany setting up against a group called patriotic european against islam of the west. chancellor attacked the anti-islam group in her new year message saying the leaders have prejudice cultness and hatred in their heart. >> back here. unprecedented tragedy in the 2 americans these skiers here. their lives cut short when they were caught in an after lamb. happened in the us a industry annual ps. here's clayton. >> high on the mountain search
9:32 pm
team in helicopter today with a desperate task after sudden avalanche buried 2 rising stars in american skiing. >> rescue crew were on the scene immediately with multiple helicopter and other rescue crew. they were able to extricate the 2 skiers but unfortunately it was too late. >> 4 skiers escape the wall of snow on the slope but those 2 olympic hopeful killed. >> i'm bryce i'm annual pine ski racer out of utah and 19 years old. >> bryce skills earn him invitation to train with the u.s. ski tee. he posted this you tube video in the fall to raise the money he needed to follow his dreams. >> helping me hopefully get that much closer to reaching top of the world cup circuit and olympic podium. >> ron bury listen only 20. new hampshire native. he bounced back from a knee injury last year to compete around the world. his father telling usa today his son organized entire life around ski racing. even
9:33 pm
the best skiers are sometimes no match for avalanche carrying tons of snow and debris at 80 miles an hour or faster. in the u.s. on average every year 28 people are killed. >> everything happens really fast. and you don't really have much of a chance to avoid the danger once you have triggered it. both are being remembered as outstanding and passionate skiers who died doing what they love. this is abc news denver. 2 climbers have ended their 9th straight day on the face of el captain in yosemite. trying to scale one of the most difficult routes in the world using only the hands and feet. it's called free climbing. kevin of santa rosa a and tom caldwell of colorado say they prepared for 5 years for this climb. attached to rope but only to catch a fall. they sleep in sling like tent you see them there. the pair hope to reach the top on friday.
9:34 pm
>> explosion at fireworks warehouse in columbia has knocked cameraman off the feet this weekend. filled the sky with deafening display and then dazzling colors. you can see the man running camp are fall back suddenly from the blast. shock wave. it happened just south west of boeing a and sent people rushing for cover as thousands office fireworks shot out in all direction. >> bowl of oatmeal each day could be the key to long and healthy life. harvard researchers found whole grain reduce the risk of dying from heart disease. researchers followed more than 100000 people for more than 14 years. those who ate the most grains oatmeal brown rice and quinoa protected from many illness. >> close-up look at the yacht designed forth late steve jobs. 2 56 foot venus was spotted in the british virgin eye listened over the wean. new photo taken by the cape cod base wood hole
9:35 pm
inn. french designer start after spending several summer vacations sailing with larry he feel sochbility he got the sailing bug apparently. work on venus not complete until 20 on venus not complete until 2012 year after jobs death. according to vanity fair interview with stark the yacht has 6 staterooms and complex home auto mission system. venus currently owned by jobs widow. >> up next. state law you might have missed. >> did you know we now have a statham fib i don't know. how that law got as a business owner, you kind of are at work all the time. i'm driving all over the place climbing up ladders. accidents happen all the time. i need to take care of myself, as well as take care of my business. and now i can do both, with health coverage.
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having health insurance gives you freedom. i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help go to >> ground breaking technology set new standard for space exploration. the company will launch an attempt to land one of the rocket on a drone ship in the ocean. no massive fears
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stage rocket has ever been recovered for reuse before. if successful it could eventually cut the cost of space travel by millions. tweeted this image of the mr. form moving into position with space x logo marking landing spot. >> exciting. huptss of new law take effect as we enter the new year and some are not getting a lot of attention. >> brown busy going through stack of proposed law. 174 made it to the desk. he signed 9:30. that's approval of 87 percent if that 87 percent seems high it's not. for him. in 1982 when jerry brown was governor he signed almost all of the 1674 law proposed. that's 98 percent. among the new law the state has official amphibion california red legged frog made famous in the jumping
9:40 pm
frog of the county. state has again 165 years without an official amphibian. that's all ended now. where did this originate. actually a third grade class in salt city. the prodegy cat after school club sent a letter to the assemblyman. vote on the frog was 52 yes and 10 no. senate approved it by a vote of 24-9 frog is now state certified. new law that public school can no longer ex appeal student for willfully defying teacher or administrator at any level. schools also can not suspend a student for miss behaving through third grade. what can a student do to get expelled now? >> sure. this layout specific guideline for expulsion. we are talking about really serious danger issues for other students talking about violence or narcotics and those kind of things. all laid out in the
9:41 pm
law. >> best play for any student is in school. not on the street. another new law requires toy manufacturers to make plastic guns bright colors so law enforcement can distinguish between toy firearms and real ones. the governor also signed mutual consent law for sexual activity between college students. it's no longer just no means no. both parties have to say yes. looking to july the plastic bag ban starts maybe. opposition could force november 2016 vote. this summer plastic ban would be banned from stores except for carrying meat vegetables and fruit. >> changes. >> up next on 7 news at 9 forget about smart tv and smart phone. let's talk about the smart belt. >> why capturing the lame light at the consumer electronic
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you. >> well get ready to look live at the golden gate bridge closed for 52 hours starting this saturday morning at 1 minute after midnight. craws will be putting a movable median barrier on the bridge to prevent head on collisions. more now from wayne. >>reporter: by this time next week gelleden gate bridge engineer is turning over in his grave or applauding? >> i think engineer strauss would be pleased to see us continue to make advancement in safety. on the bridge. >> because unless you live on the moon or came here on vacation from. >> toronto. >>reporter: there's good chance you already know of next weekend 3 day closure to install a barrier dividing north south bound traffic on the bridge. manager wit is so pleased he sounds almost like a sales man. >> bridge district working on this for decade. >> the bridge district has not
9:46 pm
kept records of how many head on collision there is have been here since it opened in 1933. but it does know there have been 16 of them since 1970. with 5 deaths since 1990. what we have by this time next week, we have by this time next week safer bridge with slightly less cleaner lines. >> i think one of those twlings prague 40's a safety perspective but esthetically a loss. >>reporter: as for the process of moving the barrier in the lanes the custom truck do the job. to hear the district tell it the barriers are modern marvel made of high density concrete steel and hook together with technology designed to give on impact. very similar to those on doyle drive right now but only one foot wide. that was the trick. it took the district 24 years of planning and testing to approve and build the concept at cost of 30 million dollars. according to bridge engineer bower patience paid off. >> i'm trying to avoid frustration and concentrate on
9:47 pm
solution. >>reporter: so take a good look. bridge as you see it business to become a thing of the past. from the golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. >> we get preview of some of the new gang thaet will see when the show tishlly kirks off tomorrow. lg has second curved smart phone. it's virtually indestructible. tomorrow the company will demonstrate the scratch proof casing by using a wire brush. also making the day because at ces the green cube it's a box that allow lettuce an other vegetables to grow in accelerated growing climate. a kettle controlled by phone or tablet and stove controlled by a touch screen. after cooking all that food, after cooking all that food, the this looseen the belt buckle when you eat too much. >> oh, boy. >> interesting. >> like it is so hard to do it yourself. >> i know. >> that's foychbility one last check on the weather. >> that's right. sandhya is
9:48 pm
here with the latest. >> we take a look at live doppler 7hd. clouds passing through. unfortunately no written to speak of when you look at the almanacs exploratorium high pressure today. 61 above the normal. low pressure was also a little bit higher than normal far from a record but we may be seeing some records falling over the next couple of days not in san francisco though. very cold air moving across the midwest tomorrow afternoon. snow showers will continue back east 22 boston 26 in new york. this is where really the coldest air will be and this will continue heading into wednesday. around the state sunshine top to bottom. 81 in los angeles. so the same ridge of high pressure bridge us the warmth will bring southern california warm weather as well. check out the high for tomorrow. 74 in santa cruz. 69 san jose. 66 oakland. santa rosa 64 and san francisco 65 in livermore. sunshine for you for couple of days but we are looking at spare the air alert again tomorrow. cooler weather by
9:49 pm
week end we will introduce possibility of few sprinkle between friday and saturday and certainly better air quality which we will be looking forward to. >> definitely. >> and larry is here with sports. >> we have warrior to talk b.good game tonight. >> this is fantastic tonight. now that they are healthy oklahoma city is to be reckon with. warriors. did the reckoning tonight i think. clay thompson this is going to the rack. strong.
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you. >> coming up at 11:00. demolition dilemma over candlestick. big concern voiced by neighbors tonight. >> ad from controversial clothing company banned. the company responsible and why some say the ad is sending the wrong message. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channe 7. >> new jersey governor christy says being a cowboy fan doesn't win any football fans and of course the new york new jersey area. >> it does not. but that did not stop him from celebrating and hugging cowboy owner jones as dallas won the first play off game since 2009 against the lions. >> christy says he's been a fan since kid isn't ashamed of it. governor brother respond entered facebook to tell the non-cowboy fans to get a life. >> nothing like a good man hug. all around.
9:53 pm
>> chris christy has to deal with it a long long time. cowboy in the play off and see how long. to the nba and few team in the league match the fire power of the warriors but oklahoma city is one of them. warriors and thunder lighting up the oracle arena in a possible play off preview tonight. fans celebrating early and often. doing a little christy like dance there little christy like dance there. first quarter showing off the handle right there. west brook for the lay up. green. thompson showing up and showing up dang ri. no problem. the rejection on west brook. starting the break to an draichlt barns. corner 3. and 23 points to lead all score and 23 points to lead all score. justin holiday. holiday turning that a shooter before very eye. 12 points warriors up 22. then it's clay warriors
9:54 pm
up 22. then it's clay. dribbling through defender with authority. one more time. kevin welcome to my poster. everything was going for the warriors. andre 3 plus the foul. 4 point play. i'm told this game is just gone final. 117-91. 117-91. it's a final. college hoop women about no. 15 stanford hosting utah. cardinal all time against inside greenfield no look to cardinal post 55-44 victory. lindsay looking for home win against colorado. britney buddy did her part. cross over here. >> that is sweet in traffic. boyd with 19 boyd with 19. 10 and 3 and 75 boyd with 19. 10 and 3 and 75-59 victory. dramatic victory for the shark tonight. game winning goal with over 4 seconds left in winnipeg but it
9:55 pm
was painful. todd and shark rebound after the worst loss of the season. shark on the penalty. mostly clear the puck but accidentally blasted it right that the face of thomas on the bench suffered a wicked gash over the lift. moments later adam shot. deflected to harrison who tied it up at two 4.5 seconds left. mark edward blast says we are not going over time. the wrist ends it. shark victorious 3-2. nfl has admitted the referee blew the pivotal call last night in the lions game. dallas the benefit of that call and went on to win the contest. fourth quarter just over 8 minutes left. dallas lane backer anthony hitch called for pass interference on this and referee pick up the flag no penalty. could have called holding that should have been called. even if you thought the p i was debate the p i was debatable. nfl admitted today they messed it up. warm front kept the drive
9:56 pm
alive for the lions instead give the ball up. dallas down to score won the game. head of officiating said today certainly the mechanic of the announcement and the communication is something we will focus on and focus on with all our officials who are going to work throughout the play offs. but doesn't do the lions any good. >> serena williams kind of dragging today. tournament. she mid match asked if she could order an espresso. trying to find out is that illegal? no you can order. at the time she placed her coffee order she was down a set to nravia of italy but serena got the jolt. a little caffeine. if love 6 and 6 36 love. vane a later said it was miracle coffee. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. now i have seen sandhya the a little tired. then suddenly energy. >> the mocha no foam no whip.
9:57 pm
and you get all the weather. >> and the sugar. >> and the sugar. >> live doppler 7hd. >> hockey is rough get hurt when not in the gaichb. >> thanks for joining us. >> lots of energy. larry we appreciate your time we see you again in an hour
9:58 pm
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